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As a Realtor, I often find a seller will list with a broker that will list their home for what the seller feels their home is worth with no data to support the list price. I’ve rejected numerous listings for this very reason. You bring your seller detailed information to support what the local market will bear, but the seller insists their home is worth so much more for one reason (or multiple reasons) or another. They don’t believe the $50,000 lot premium they paid 10 years ago adds $50,000 value to their home today.

roofThey don’t believe the new $10,000 roof they installed last summer (that was leaking) adds the same dollar-for-dollar value to their home. They feel because they have a full acre and the neighbors only have 8/10 acre each, their home stands out above and water heaterbeyond. Sellers often believe the fact they replaced their leaking hot water heater last month, they should be able to increase the value of their home by the amount. And the biggest fallacy for many sellers? They have this impression in the back of their mind that they need to walk away with a certain number of dollars to pay off student loans, buy a new car, pay down medical bills etc.

marketNow of course, these are certainly real needs and good uses for their proceeds, but seller’s often feel they can’t market their home at market price, they have to be to encompass the inflated value to accommodate their extraneous needs. As a normal course of conversation, I always ask the seller if they’d be willing to overpay for a new car when the sales person says they need to charge more because they want to put their child through college. The answer is generally, no. Help me understand, you won’t overpay, but you desire the buying public to overpay for your home? I’m confused.

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Often times when conducting a home inspection with a buyer, we comes across grey colored supply pipes, verses the white shiny pipes (polyvinylchloride.) Most buyers are completely oblivious to any difference and would not know the potential problems associated with the polybutylene (grey colored) water lines. So, here’s a short primer for your consideration.

Back in the early 80’s when copper pipes were used, a newer more cost efficient water line was developedpoly pipes. At the time it was thought to be the greatest thing since sliced bread by building trade contractors. It was more cost effective and installation was made easier than the traditional copper tubing. The new product was made of polybutylene resin. Identifying this type of water supply line is fairly easy; generally a dull finish grey inside a residence and often time black or blue if used outside.

So, what has happened to make this water piping so damaging? It appears by all research the chlorine in water, extensive sunlight, and other chemical residues in water, can etch and create lengthwise hairline cracks in the pipes over time and erode the pipe from the inside out. Now you can well imagine a crack in a water pipe when applied under water pressure, can (and most assuredly will) create a household disaster. These water pipes can break down over time and cause very damaging water leaks. Although at the time polybutylene pipes were introduced it was building code approved- no longer.water-pipe

When buying a home, my suggestion would be to ask the seller to replace or give you an allowance to replace these water pipes. Don’t let the seller convince you they are fine and will never leak. It’s really not a matter of if they will leak, it’s a matter of when they will leak.

Here is a couple fairly authoritative articles for your review:

1)  http://www.ashireporter.org/HomeInspection/Articles/Take-Another-Look-at-Polybutylene-Plumbing/955

2) http://www.kengriffinplumbing.com/polybutylene-pipe-replacements/interior/do-I-have-polybutylene-in-my-house.php

3) http://www.polybutylene.com/poly.html





Flying High

Flying for me has never been one of the modes of transportation I look forward to, mostly due to my ‘doom’ mindset. But, here’s some interesting notes about our friendly flying tin can experiences.

seat2Since 1985 the average width of the passenger seat was 20″ and the average weight for men flying was 174 pounds and for women, 145 pounds. Today, the seat width has been shaved down to 17-1/2″ while the average passenger weight has climbed to 195 pounds and 166 pounds respectively. So, the flying public is getting larger while being crammed into a smaller seat. (Maybe that’s why they don’t serve food anymore!)

Back in 1985 your ability to relax your legs was a bit better than today with a 33″ pitch (the distance from the seat back in front of you to your seat back) whereas today it’s only 31″ This of course makes for a less than restful flight especially on those longer commutes and those with longer legs.

In 1985 the average airline filled about 61% of the seats and today, an average 84% capacity.

Now, the good news? Flight safety has increased. The last fatal US airline accident wasseat1 in 2009. You may recall it was on Feb. 12, 2009 when a Colgan Air, Flight 3407, was flying from Newark, N.J., to Buffalo, N.Y. and crashed into a house in Clarence NY. Of course we’ll all remember Chesley “Sully” Sullenburger’s safe water landing in the Hudson a month before. Statistically, there have been approximately 233,000 motor vehicle fatalites on US roadways since 2009 and zero in-flight fatalies with any US air carrier. That’s not a bad statistic.

So, although the comfort of the flights are less than admirable, at least we are getting to our destinations in a safe fashion. I think it’s time to book a flight!


One of the items a homeowner often gutter3overlooks is the rain gutter.  Gutters serve a very important function to the maintenance of your home’s roof and most importantly, your foundation. As the water rushes off the surface of your roof, it naturally spills over the roof’s edge. For a 1000 square foot roof in a one inch rainstorm, there will be approximately 625 gallons of water spilling off your roof. gutter1

Without a gutter at the edge of the roof, that water simply falls to the surface of the ground near the foundation of your home.  If the earth surrounding your home’s foundation is not properly sloped or slopes towards your home’s foundation, all of the water that gushes off the roof ends up pooling at your foundation. As the rain water soaks into the ground, it softens the dirt surrounding the foundation and begins to erode the surface dirt. Once the erosion begins, the water then begins to seep into the crawlspace of your home. Now your headache begins. Pooling water, moisture, mold, damaged under structures, and a weakened foundation are just a few of the problems you will inevitably encounter.

gutter4Gutters that are in place, but not properly cleaned can be just gutter2as problematic as having no gutters at all. The water cannot run down the gutter to the downspout in the controlled manner that a gutter system is designed for. So, keep them cleaned out; once a season if need be. It’s also a great idea to attach a downspout diverter at the end of downspout and let it run out into the lawn away from your foundation.

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woods1Come visit 23839 Woods Dr, Lewes DE. Turn the key and you’ll swear this is a showroom new home! New kitchen with granite, stainless appliance package, stone backsplash, upgraded cabinetry, and uber chic lighting. 3 of 4 bedrooms are full en-suite with baths and walk-in closets. Opened wall between kitchen and dining room and wall from kitchen into living room for a clean expansive concept floorplan. Flawless hardwood throughout downstairs, new carpet and padding up. Refinished stairs with modern banisters, clean as a whistle neutral paint throughout, new baths with marble counters, new fixtures, and new lighting. New bonus room with closewoods2t for full 4th bedroom, new electrical switching, new energy efficient HVAC systems, new front door with designer glass, new trims around garage, refinished shudders, newly landscaped to bring out the curb appeal to YOUR new home. Recessed lighting, wide front veranda, refinished rear deck and screened porch, epoxy garage floor, new ceiling fans. Low HOA, taxes, high value! Jackpot!

Call Thomas Schoenbeck, Associate Broker, Keller Williams Realty, Lewes DE (302)360-0300(o)  (302)632-7407(c) or drop me a note HERE.


Located in the dreamy community of Sugar Maple Farms in Milford DE. Build your dream home on this well maintained .6 acre building lot. No builder tie-in required. Requires on-site stick built homes- (sorry, no manufactured or modular homes,) minimum 1600s/f (1-story,) 2200s/f (2-story,) 3 different roof pitches, minimum 2-car garages. Will require waste water system installation and well. This is a lovely community and6 the lot is set back in a cul-de-sac so there is privacy and quiet. The homes in the community are extremely lovely and exceptionally well maintained. Terrific 3 minute location to Milford for shopping, dining, theater, arts, Riverwalk, and a 2 minute drive to the new medical arts complex being developed. No doubt, this IS the time to buy and build! Don’t wait for the hospital to be completed as prices may soon escalate. $76 county tax, no city tax, low HOA fee of $444. Low cost, high value! If you’ve been sitting on the fence waiting for the right time to buy a piece of land and build your forever home, now is that right time!3

Contact Thomas Schoenbeck, Associate Broker, Keller Williams Realty, Lewes DE (302)360-0300(o) or (302)632-7407(c).

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