This is very fascinating and informative ‘Real Time’ look at where our county’s wealth comes from, and where it goes. Notice, of the 3 Delaware counties, NCC has a net loss of $878 million, Kent County a net gain of $428 million and Sussex County a net wealth gain of $1.7 Billion AGI. The link will also show what state’s counties are providing us wealth and which state’s counties we are losing wealth to. Florida is a major wealth vacuum from Sussex County, whereas 3 Maryland Counties are major wealth contributors to our county. This may serve you to know where to target your on-line advertising outside of Delaware. 


Click picture for a ‘live’ wealth counter.

realtorThe question buyers often have is why they should hire a Realtor when having a new home built by a builder or developer. Often times a buyer feels they can traverse the process without a Realtor and just use the builder to guide them.  As a Realtor, I always give my buyers the option of making their purchase unrepresented, but I also give them caution about doing so.  Why? Let’s examine it:

1. In any sales transaction; car, house, or fine jewelry, someone is selling a product and someone is buying a product.  If the person who is selling the product is the sole representative in the entire transaction, whose interest do you most feel they will be looking out for?  As a buyer, would you know what questions to ask, would you know what fine points of a sales contract could cost you more than you thought you bargained for?  Let’s look at it this way. Why do you think builders themselves hire Realtors to represent them?  It’s because builders too recognize the value a Realtor brings to the table.  They know when it comes to negotiating the deal, a Realtor has the professional skills necessary to make it a win-win for their principal.

2.  Often times a buyer feels they will save money by not using a Realtor. moneyUnfortunately, this is not true and often times ends up costing the consumer more.  Buyers feel the commission the buyer’s broker earns will be given to them (the buyer) if they do not use a Realtor.  If a buyer proceeds without representation, the commission the builder has already set aside is either then kept by the builder or given to their own representative, it is never given to the buyer.  Additionally, other fine points in a sales contract, such as builder and buyer splitting the sales transfer tax, can be overlooked by a buyer and end up costing the buyer several thousands of dollars.

3.  If a buyer is unrepresented and lives out of the local area, who will they then rely on to keep tabs on the building process? For me, I take photos of the building process and send them to my buyers so they can pictorally see what is taking place.  It also gives me the opportunity to stop in and ask questions if I see something that seems out of place.

4. Being unrepresentated, you may not realize you have the right to an independent home inspection, or to use the settlement attorney or lender of your own choosing and not the builders.

wordle5. A Realtor brings clout to the table.  While you might not realize it, builders value Realtors because they recognize the fact that Realtors bring buyers and they respect their representation. Builders know there is a symbiotic relationship between good deals and future business. If you work without a Realtor on your side, the builder knows it won’t be you bringing them future clients and they don’t have the same degree of vested interest in keeping you happy.

The bottom line in all this is advocacy.  A Realtor is your best advocate in the process and will not cost you a dime.  Your Realtor is there for one purpose, to make sure your needs as the buyer, are taken care of.  Their entire focus is on you and no one else.


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ImageREAL Trends 500 Ranks Keller Williams Realty #1

According to the REAL Trends 500, Keller Williams Realty’s top brokerages sold more real estate than any other franchise’s brokerages last year. The report is an annual industry ranking published by REAL Trends, Inc., a leading source of analysis and information on the residential brokerage and housing industry.

Of the Top 500 real estate brokerages in the United States, Keller Williams Realty offices significantly outpaced the industry in both sales volume per office and transactions per office. Keller Williams Realty brokerages represented 23 percent (116 offices) of the Top 500 by closed volume and 22 percent (111 offices) of the top 500 brokerages ranked by closed transactions. The Keller Williams Realty offices included in the Top 500 handled approximately $67 billion in sales and more than 289,000 transactions.

Additionally, On its 30th Anniversary, Keller Williams Realty celebrated becoming the #1 realImage estate company by agent count in the United States, successfully achieving an historic feat.

In recent years, the company has surpassed ERA, Prudential, Re/Max, Century 21 and Coldwell Banker to secure the industry’s top position. The news, based on publicly available information as of February 6, 2013, was announced in front of more than 10,000 Keller Williams associates at the company’s annual gathering, Family Reunion.

kwimgaeI’m not a person that can be recruited. Let me explain what I mean. There are basically two reasons you can’t recruit me; I’m a company guy and I’m a family guy. As a company guy, when I commit to working with a company, I don’t let loose, ever.  With my company, Keller Williams Realty, I am oferred so much, it would not be possible (or at least highly improbable) for you to ever match what I receive. Here’s why:

1. Keller Williams has Profit Sharing for life. Even if I were to retire or quit the business all together, I will always receive profit sharing income and my heirs will receive it long after I am gone.

2. Training with my company is second to none in any business model in any industry out there! We offer daily training, locally and nationally. We don’t believe in putting a newly licensed agent at a computer with a ‘good luck, hope you succeed’ attitude. We firmly believe in setting our agents up for total success, not failure.  We believe their success is our success. We train to the absolute highest level and invite the agent to step off anywhere along the stairstep, wherever their comfort level and desired income level is.

3. Keller Williams is run by the agents, not management. The agents, through the Agent Leaadership Council in each office, decide how the office will be run, what expenditures will be made, what policies will be implemented etc. We have a foundation up approach, as the agents are the foundation of this company.

4. Keller Williams Realty takes care of its own and those in need through a fund called KW Cares. When we have agents in need, we have a financial fund to help get them on their feet whether there’s a medical emergency, house fire, personal crisis etc. KW Cares has been paying the agents in a mid-western market center office since the other companies refuse to pay our agents commissions. KW is paying for those agents to continue to work and live.

5. Our business model of growth and success has made Keller Williams the largest national Realty firm in America, we were named by JD Powers and Associates as the number One Realty company for both buyer and sellers satisfaction, and KW was named within the top 100 best places to work in any industry. And why? Because we are agent focused, not firm focused. Everything we do is to drive business to the agent.

But, even if you could ever possibly match or exceed what our company provides, there is one thing you can’t overcome; Family. Keller Williams Realty is as much my family as any family could be. I know the other agents like I know my own siblings. There is a level of caring, compassion, and commitment to one another that you only find in families. You can’t replace a family member, you could not possibly replace mine.

So, when you call me with the ulterior motive of recruiting me, I’ll listen to what you have to present, I’ll enjoy a nice cup of coffee with you, but you have zero chance of recruiting me. I’m a company guy and more important, I’m a family guy.

So, after half a decade of sitting vacant, like a poor abandoned nuclear power plant, the old Suburban Propane location on Rehoboth Beach Avenue will very soon have new life breathed into its long dried up nostrils.  The land was purchased by a local realtor for one half it’s 5 million dollar price tag and Evergreen Developers, a Virginia based firm will soon start the building process.  The development, Shoal Harbor, will have 28 upscale townhomes gracing the community corner of Church and Rehoboth Ave., in Rehoboth Beach DE, with modestly based stickers of $400,000 for 3 bedroom units.  This has been a long anticipated venture and the locals have been patiently waiting for whatever took the place of the old gas business.  The location and of course the price, could not be more perfect.  We congratulate the purchaser and welcome the developer.  And yes, I’ve already got a client who wants a corner unit! If you are looking for a great beach place, right on the Avenue, give me a call and let’s get you in before all the units are snapped up. 

visit my website at: www.delhomefinder.com or

start your own home search here:  


winter3Often times, homeowners want to take their home off the market during the holidays. Sometimes feeling the stress of preparing for the holidays coupled with selling their home is too much to bear, so they attempt to reduce the stress by taking their home off the market till spring.  Advisable? In a word, absolutely not! (ok, two words) And here’s why:

winterWhat kind of buyers do you think are most likely looking at homes during the holiday?  People with nothing to do or serious buyers? Most people, like yourself, have plenty to do during the holiday season.  It’s generally those buyers who are very serious home shoppers are the ones still looking for those deals even with the holidays.

If you take your home off the market, then your neighbor’s home that is still ondemand the market may be the one that gets sold, and not yours.  Let’s face it, the demand is still there and if your home is off the market, then you are offering nothing for the buying market to demand.  Additionally, syndicated sites that pick up listings will really leave on-line shoppers totally confused about the status of your home especially since there is often a lag time in status changes.

Do you plan on taking any time off during the holidays?  Most likely, as are others which often means couples (and kids) have time off together and can actually tour homes together during the holidays, a luxury which sometimes does not happen at other times of the year.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWhat is the time of year when your home is most likely at it’s spiffiest? You got it, the holidays!  And why?  Because many people are preparing for family and friends, they put out some tastful decor, and have the home clean from top to bottom.  What better time to show your home than when it’s at its zenith?

fpAnd no matter the time of year, there is always a holiday or event going on whether it’s a birthday, graduations, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, retirements, weddings, vacations, etc, that could make us think it’s not the time to market your house. Truth be told, It’s never a good time to take your home off the market. If your goal is to sell your home, you can’t achieve that goal while the home is off the market.  

And lastly, if you’re feeling too much stress, let your Realtor know.  They can walk you through the logic and help ease your stress.

Call me for a consult or start your home shopping here: http://www.delhomefinder.com/106/Residential-Search

What to Offer

Your Realtor can help you find your perfect home, but only you can decide how much you are willing to offer for it. Your Realtor will supply you with information about the selling prices and marketing time of other houses in the area.

Once you have determined the amount you are willing to offer, your Realtor will help you prepare a written offer. In most transactions you will offer to deposit earnest money with the escrow agent. Earnest money shows your sincerity in making a reasonable offer and abiding by the terms of the written contract.

Contract forms
Your Realtor will help you prepare an offer using standard forms. The offer, if accepted, will become a bindingcontract. This document is the most important paper you will sign because it lays out all the terms of the transaction. It will contain such things as:

  • a legal description of the property,
  • any property that will be transferred with the home, (blinds, curtains, fireplace screens, etc.)
  • the price,
  • financing conditions and contingencies,
  • amount of earnest money deposit,
  • name of the escrow agent and title company,
  • proration of insurance, taxes, and interest,
  • fees to be paid and who pays for which,
  • rights to inspect the property and for repairs to be made,
  • dates of closing and possession, and
  • what happens if either party defaults on the contract.

Inspections and warranties
Before signing the contract, take precautions to protect yourself against unseen defects in the home. An inspection by a qualified inspector or other professional can provide you with unbiased opinions about the condition of components and systems in the property such as the foundation, mechanical systems, plumbing systems, appliances, etc.  You should accompany the inspector at the time the inspection is conducted. When ordering the inspection, ask the inspector the approximate time needed to complete the inspection so you can reserve sufficient time from your schedule.  Be sure to ask the inspector to detail the scope of the inspection. Not every inspector inspects every component in a house. For example, does the inspector inspect foundations, air conditioning and heating units, roofs, swimming pools, septic tanks, etc.? The cost of home inspection depends on the size of the home, but the price could prove to be worth it. It’s also a good idea to get a termite and other wood destroying insect inspection (and your lender may require this regardless if you want it or not.) You may also want to investigate the possibility of buying a residential service contract. Such a contract is an agreement with a residential service company that certain items will be repaired by the company if such items fail to function after you move in. If you buy a new home, the builder may offer a warranty as well. Whether you buy a residential service contract or receive any other warranty, find out how claims will be processed and how any necessary repairs will be made.

Seller’s options
The Realtor working with you will present the contract to the seller’s agent or seller. The seller has three options: accept, reject or make a counter offer. A counter offer is a rejection of the offer with a simultaneous offer from the seller to the buyer. If a seller makes a counter offer to you, you then have three options: accept, reject, or make another counter offer. Whoever makes an offer or counter offer is giving the power of acceptance to the recipient of the offer or counter offer.

Binding contract
Once you and the seller unequivocally agree to the written terms and both of you sign, the document becomes a legal binding contract. As part of the contract you may have the right to have the property inspected and certain repairs may be required to be completed. Be sure that you pay close attention as to when certain items must be completed. Otherwise, you may waive some contractual rights. For example, the contract may provide for you to deliver a copy of the inspection report to the seller within a specified time and to deliver a list of the items you require to be repaired. If you fail to provide the information within the specified time, the contract may provide that you waived certain rights.

The contract may also set out other contingencies that have to be satisfied. We cannot address all conditions and contingencies. Read the contract carefully, know its terms and comply with its requirements timely.

If repairs are required, the contract will specify who will bear the cost of the repairs, who will arrange for the repairs, and when the repairs must be made. Before you close, be sure that the condition of the property meets the required condition specified in the contract.

You can visit my website: www.delhomefinder.com or start your home shopping experience here: http://www.delhomefinder.com/106/Residential-Search


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